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I Am Biased

Bias (n): a particular tendency, trend, inclination, feeling, or opinion, especially one that is preconceived or unreasoned(1) I am biased. I am biased in a great many ways; right now, I am talking, as I usually am, about singing. Like the vast majority of voice teachers, probably you, I come from a background in classical singing. I grew up singing in church choirs, and then I took lessons from a classically trained singer, and then another, and then another; I even ended up at an undergrad program where music students were not permitted to sing musical theatre music in their lessons… ever....

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Vocal Warm-Ups & Cool-Downs Do We Need Them?

Everyone talks about vocal warm-ups… students talk about them, teachers talk about them, researchers talk about them, and everyone is trying to say the same thing. A vocal warm-up routine is essential for many reasons (health, flexibility, endurance, etc.). Interestingly, despite a tremendous number of questionnaire studies, there is very little evidence that a vocal warm-up routine is beneficial for the reasons singers believe. Now in case you do not read the rest of this article, there is no evidence that a warm-up routine is harmful in any way, and warming up may prove to be beneficial at...

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